Računalniško svetovanje, Lovro Korenč s.p.

IT systems consulting, database production and management. Data processing and spatial database visualisations. Cartography.

Providing services for printing and publishing, traditional and digital. Design of platforms and user interfaces for data presentation and management.

My main area of interest is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) science and tools, for use in invertorization, analysis and management of natural and cultural heritage, cultural landscapes, natural and human resources... Actually, I like to face any challenge when working with information, that has some spatial component.


All kind of cartographic material
Spatial schemes, sketches
Interactive web maps
3D visualisations
Spatial databases
Spatial planning solutions


GIS science and tool consulting
Spatial database design
Personal guides for GIS tools and practices
IT systems management
Data science consulting

Software training and support for:

- Global Mapper
- other open-source GIS tools
- GIS network services (PostGIS, Mapserver, OpenLayers, Leaflet)
- Autodesk AutoCAD
- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
- programming and editing in HTML, JavaScript, Python


2006 - University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty,
Department of Landscape Architecture

2002 - 2006 Srednja šola za elektrotehniko in računalništvo, Vegova 4, Ljubljana
Tehniška gimnazija

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